Where we came from

BYPC was founded by a group of churches from the Braintree area, who were aware that the work of the church was often divorced from the lives of ordinary young people.  They wanted to allow young people to see the Christian values of love and freedom displayed in the lives of people that they met.  None of the founders were professional youth workers or experts, just hard working, caring people of many different ages who wanted to set up a centre for young people who wanted to come.
Their intention to allow all young people to come into contact with people who cared for them and offered support to face whatever challenges were in their lives, became a vibrant reality.


The result was an exciting venue where young people met together and volunteers simply offered support, friendship, toast and opportunities for trips and events.  Sometimes there were sparks, at other times there were challenges, but there was always a warm, accepting welcome for the young people.


The temporary premises that ‘the Hut’ (as it became known) had used were no longer available, so the churches in the Braintree area took on the project.  BYPC became a charity limited by guarantee, in 2011, working for the benefit of young people as a Christian organisation, creating a caring and safe community in which young people are respected, valued and offered opportunities.


BYPC made use of several temporary premises before moving into our current site in Braintree town centre.  We have a large meeting area, toilets, shower facilities, a kitchen and an office.  We offer a safe accepting place for young people to meet and a mixed programme of events and trips that they can join in with as they want.