The people we are

BYPC is more than a charity.  We are a community of people, of many ages, who respect and value one another.  We are not a church, although our vision and work has grown out of a concern for the safety and good of others as found in the teachings of Jesus.  We are a community of common cause.  At our core are the values of hospitality, safety, nurture and love, through every aspect of our work and life together.

We are…
Young people
The young people who use the facilities at BYPC are all welcomed, irrespective of gender, race, creed or sexual orientation.  Whilst there is some expectation that they take responsibility for positive behaviour for the sake of the whole community, we try never to turn a young person away if they are in need of help.  They are free to sit and chat, make use of the facilities, play table tennis, watch DVDs, eat toast and join in events.  They are also encouraged to contribute to the life of others in the community and, as they grow, volunteer to help out.

The employed staff at BYPC are fantastic people whose job it is to enable the work of the charity.  Jo Fish is our Youth Centre Manager.  She oversees the volunteers, training, events and most importantly gives lots of her time to support and befriend the young people who come through the door.  Our Administrator is Kirsty Huxter.  She supports the day to day running of the charity, assists Jo with training and events, helps the Board to do their work and also spends time getting to know the young people.

The Board
The BYPC board is a dedicated group of volunteers who legally oversee the charity and take responsibility for the proper running of all areas of the work.  Some of them volunteer for sessions with the young people, and all of them work hard behind the scenes and are committed to supporting young people through the vision of the charity.

The amazing perople who volunteer their free time to support and work with young people with BYPC are vital to the running of our work.  They are not professional youth workers but they are all hospitable, caring people who want the young people that we work with to have the best oportunities in life. The volunteers embody the values of the charity as they join in with activities and get to know the young people.  All BYPC volunteers hold a valid DBS check and have undertaken appropriate training.

Our work would not be possible without the support of many partners and friends who provide the resources necessary for us to fulfill our vision.  Our partners give time, energy, expertise, money and so much more to BYPC.  Our partners include:
Churches, Charities, Trusts, Braintree District Council, Essex County Council, Essex Boys and Girls Clubs and our town centre neighbours.

As a charity, we practice good governance.  We have a set of policies which guide our good practice and give us a framework by which we can safeguard young people, staff and volunteers.  We see our policies as part of our community life because they help us to ensure our community life continues to the benefit of everyone.