About Us

Braintree Youth Project Charity (BYPC) is a Christian organisation creating a safe and caring community in which young people are respected, valued and offered opportunities.

The Hut is a youth centre for young people aged 11-18, located in the centre of Braintree.

For people too young for the pub, but not enough money to go to the cinema/bowling/eat out, we are a safe and free alternative to walking around the streets.


We are working hard at giving the young people a voice. BYPC provides a forum for young people aged 11 to 18 to say what they need, now and in the future – and how it should be provided.

Supported by the churches of Braintree, the Youth Project provides a safe and warm place, at all times of the year; to meet friends, get online, play music, pool or table football; make toast or hot chocolate, or just sit and chat – without spending a thing.

Braintree Youth Project Charity

Registered in England No: 7437568

Registered with the Charity Commission No: 1139014

Registered address: Fountain Cottages, 2 St Michaels Road, Braintree, CM7 1EX