The Board

Braintree Youth Project Charity is a charity limited by guarantee, and so there must be a Board of Directors in place to oversee and take responsibility for the work of the charity.  All of the Board Members are volunteers who give their time and energy for free, working hard to ensure that BYPC creates a caring and safe community in which young people are respected, valued and offered opportunities.

Nigel Warner – Chair
Nigel is a writer, funeral celebrant, freelance PR consultant, occasional public speaker, husband and father.  He likes nothing more than making exciting things happen and helping other people grow and flourish.  he believes that it is a rare privilege to be able to lead the Board at BYPC and have tremendous fun doing it.
(Nigel’s Twitter @ttvnigel)

Kate Manning – Secretary
Kate is a retired teacher and administrator, a mother, grandmother, keen lover of music and a regular volunteer at sessions for BYPC. She brings bags of energy to her role, great experience and she loves to spend time with young people.

Andrew East – Finance Director
Andrew is a chartered legal executive, a father, grandfather and a keen, hopeful, golfer.  He is responsible for the finances of BYPC and brings an eye for detail that is greatly valued.  He is passionate about the work of the charity and works especially hard to make sure all the bills are paid and funding opportunities are followed up.

Anna England
Anna is a part time church youth worker for Braintree Elim Church.  As a volunteer with BYPC, Anna is a hugely enthusiastic advocate for young people.  Her passion is to give every young person every bit of help that they can get to help them thrive and flourish.  Her passion and energy are a great blessing to the board and work of BYPC.

David Huxter
David is a Company Director of a firm who specialise in managing ICT networks in schools.  He has lots of experience with youth work, as well as being a husband and father.  He uses his talents to help BYPC run smoothly and ensure we have the best technology available to us.  He also shares his knowledge of business and processes so that BYPC can run smoothly and keep growing, as it serves the young people of the town.