Adventure @Stubbers Outdoor Activity Centre

Adventure @Stubbers Outdoor Activity Centre

On the 14th of December we took a group of young people to Stubbers Outdoor Activity centre in Upminster. The young people took part in tunnelling, a high ropes course, laser tag and archery. Of the young people we took on the trip only one had previously had a go at high ropes and archery, for the rest of the young people it was a day of new experience. All the young people were able to gain skills in confidence, team building but it also allowed the young people an experience that they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise. The first activity that the young people completed was tunnelling. This is a maze underground in the pitch black. This was great for the young people as they had to work in a team to make sure everyone completed the course safely. They had to use verbal communication with each other to get around the course. The first 15 minutes the communication wasn’t great but as they activity went on they realised how important it was and really started to communicate with people and use team work skills. The young people were also talking about how much it made them appreciate the use of their sight and saw how being blind affects people and their lives. The next activity was the high ropes. This was an assault course on ropes up in the air. This was a challenge for many of our young people as they have a phobia of heights, however they overcame it for the activity and were proud of their achievements. They realised they could believe in themselves and be proud of themselves. In the afternoon the activities were laser tag and archery.

Laser tag gave the young people an opportunity to extend on their team work skills. Archery was a new experience for the majority of the young people and it was an activity that took skill and precision. The young people learn that they needed to persevere and not give up to achieve results, and this was replicated in the fact that one of the young people who wanted to give up near the beginning managed to shoot a bulls-eye on his last go.

The young people had a great day on this trip and it gave them new experiences that will last them a long time. They developed personal and interpersonal skills.

“I had the best day ever on this trip, it was so much fun. I can’t choose my favourite activity but I want to go back and try them all again” – Dana, age 12.

“I really enjoyed going on the high ropes and going on the top level, it was scary as it was quite windy up there but I did it. I really want to go again and go on the banana boats that they have there” – James, age 12.