The Board

Braintree Youth Project Charity is a charity limited by guarantee, and so there must be a board of directors in place to oversee and take responsibility for the work of the charity. All of the board members are volunteers who give their time and energy for free, working hard to ensure that BYPC creates a caring and safe community in which young people are respected, valued and offered opportunities.

The Board is a dedicated group of volunteers who have legal oversight of the charity and take responsibility for the proper running of all areas of its work. Some of them also volunteer for sessions with the young people and all of them work hard behind the scenes, showing great commitment to support young people through the vision of the charity. The Board uphold and demonstrate the BYPC Vision, Culture and Values, making decisions in the best interest of the young people and the BYPC family. It’s not always an easy task, but it is an important one and the entire membership of the Board do it to the best of their abilities. Each member of the board holds a responsibility for a specific area of specialism, so all board members to bring something different to the table.

The areas of specialism are:

Chair of the Board: Nigel Warner
Company Secretary: Holly Legg
Finance: Kirsty Huxter
Safeguarding: Penny Smith
Property: Matthew Farmer
Technology: David Huxter
Legal: Andrew East
Fundraising: Graham Goodchild
Human Resources  


It might be that members of the board hold several areas of responsibility at one time, but the idea is to make sure that every area of life in the charity is covered.