How can I Volunteer?

There are a few different ways in which you can volunteer for us, with the most obvious one being a volunteer at our youth sessions.

Our volunteers enable us to do the work we do. They are not youth workers, they are people who care enough to give time and energy to support and befriend young people. BYPC volunteers are are hospitable, caring and wanting to give young people the best friendship and support they can. It is also helpful if they can make toast and vital that every volunteer is DBS checked.

We currently have 3 main ways in which you can volunteer for the young people at our sessions:

Host – Hosts are simply responsible for making young people feel welcome and wanted at the Hut. They need to be friendly, willing to listen without judgment and able to make warm drinks and toast.

Helper – Helpers help to run sessions and activities with the young people by supporting the session leader, taking responsibility for directing and supporting the young people and generally getting involved in a pro-active way. 

Session leader – The Session Leader is the person who oversees the session and activities with the young people, taking responsibility for their team of volunteers and being ‘in charge’.

To find out more, take a look at our volunteer profile.