How to support BYPC

Support BYPC

We welcome support from all sorts of individuals, charities, businesses, trusts and anyone else who finds that they can join us in our vision to create a caring and safe community in which young people are respected, valued and offered opportunities. Here are some ways that you can support us…

Money – We always need money! Running a charity is not cheap and it is not easy. Every pound helps and every penny will be spent on our work supporting young people. You could help us as a regular giver or a one off giver, and we don’t mind being your tax break! If you gift aid your donation… all the better.

Volunteering – Our volunteers enable us to do the work we do. They are not youth workers, they are people who care enough to give time and energy to support and befriend young people. BYPC volunteers are are hospitable, caring and wanting to give young people the best friendship and support they can. It is also helpful if they can make toast and vital that every volunteer is DBS checked. To find out more about volunteering with BYPC, get in touch.

Partnering – If you are a group who share our vision (or a part of it), we hope that we can work together. We already partner with Essex Youth Service, Essex Boys and Girls Clubs, the Home Education Alliance, Carousel, and more. Talk to us about what we do that you find interesting and the things we might be able to do together to help the young people of Braintree and the surrounding area.

Sponsorship – Some of the services we offer are regular, others are costly, and we always want to do more than we are able to afford. For these reasons, we have specified some of our services for specific sponsorship so that we can plan ahead from a proper foundation. Could you sponsor?

Perhaps you would like to sponsor a young person through a course of counselling? Make sure that there is a regular supply of chocolate spread for toast? Maybe a berth on a sailing trip, or a night out at the cinema? There are so many ways that you can sponsor our work in a specific way. Talk to us to find out more.

Prayer – As a Christian organisation, we would say that this is probably the most important thing that the partners and friends of BYPC can do. Pray for us. All of our news letters have prayer points, we also have special prayer events, people who agree to pray during our regular session and a list of special prayer partners who are contacted as specific new or urgent needs and situations arise. If prayer is your thing, get in touch with us and we will put you in touch with the right person.

Practical assistance – Do you have particular practical skills or expertise that you could share with BYPC? Are you a plumber, an electrician, a window cleaner or teacher or painter and decorator or financial whizz or first aid trainer or something else? Our work with young people requires lots of different things and you could be the one we need. Get in touch and let us know what you can bring to the party.

Social Media – Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Like our posts, favourite our comments, repost, share, retweets, use #BYPC so that as many people as possible hear about us and the work we do. Help us to SHOUT about the things we do on Social Media! [link to follow on all of these]

Get in touch – We love positive comments and to learn from others. Get in touch and tell us about what you are doing for young people. Tell us how BYPC has had an impact on your life or the life of people you know? Tell us what you think of our vision or let us have suggestions for events or services we could provide. BYPC is a community and so we want to build community with as many people as we can. That means YOU!

Please donate towards the work of BYPC with young people. What we do matters which means your support matters too!